Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Children Worship 2

Thanks for the comments on children's worship. One of my main concerns has been that there is no clear moment of transition when children, who are essentially non-worshipers in this setting, become worshipers. I am working with our education committee on the possibility of an education model that is worship based. The children would gather together regardless of age at the same time as our traditional service but in a different location. They would sing, participate in readings and prayers that are designed to be child friendly, and the youth would help lead the service. As the youth get older they would be encouraged to attend and lead the traditional service from time to time. In my mind this is not an ideal model because we are still segregated by age, but at least worship becomes central to everyone's sunday morning experience and there would be clearly communicated times when it is expected that you become full participants in the broader community. So far a number of people at church are excited about the possibilities. Do you have thoughts?

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Pastor Blue Jeans said...

I think the idea of helping the children to see the value and neccesity of worship is a good thing. this is a good way to do that.

The other side of the coin is how do you make the children feel a part of the overall worshipping community and help the adults see them as such as well?