Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have known for about a week now, that I will be changing churches this coming July. I haven't written anything about it, because I haven't really known what I wanted to say. So tonight, I am forcing myself do work something out.

Moving is always bitter-sweet--saying goodbye to one place and anticipating new relationships in a new place. This move is particularly that way. I have only been in my current appointment for one year. But back in February, I began talking with my superintendent about the possibility of changing appointments. The reason for this is a long story, bits of which can be gleaned by reading some of my wife's blogs. But that is not the point. Leaving so soon feels awkward, and on some level not right, though I remain convinced that it is ultimately best for all parties.

In the midst of this awkward good-bye, I cannot hide that I am very much excited about my new church. The people I have met so far are absolutely wonderful. As I continue to learn about the ministry environment and the challenges and opportunities ahead, I am energized to see what God will do in this new setting.

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