Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Putting Sand Back in the Ocean

I haven't blogged in a while as my family has been in the middle of our move to Somers Point. This weekend, though, we took a break from packing/unpacking, and visited the now nearby shore. Our daughter decided that there was too much water in the ocean and what it really needed was more sand to be put back in it. She would say "too wet" then grab sand, run to the edge, wait for a wave to come to her, then she would throw the sand back in. After this was completed, she would repeat the process until distracted, only to come back to her work later. She seemed undaunted by the amount of work that lies ahead of her.

I suppose once you decide the right thing to do, it doesn't much matter how impossible it is, you just continue doing it, convinced that it is simply the right thing.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Sommers Point!! I'll keep you in prayer through this transition.

Anonymous said...

by the way, if there is too much water in the ocean, ask you daughter to send some to Spotswood and i'll help with the excess.

Eric Helms said...

Thank you for the Prayers. Next time we go, I tell her to begin working on the water flow!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this sounds quite like a great parable for ministry!

Blessings on your new appointment.