Monday, March 17, 2008

Casting Lots

There are any number of mundane decisions that we leave to the toss of a coin.  Who gets the ball first in a football game--you toss a coin.  When my wife and I are deciding what to eat, we might flip a coin to decide between Mexican and Italian.  But I also find myself drawn to flip coins when making important decisions.  When I was deciding where to go to seminary, I had narrowed the decision to two, and began flipping coins to decide where I should go.  For one thing, I found important information.  I will often think I don't really care, but find myself pulling for one result over the other--that is good to know.  But it seems there is at least some biblical precedent for casting lots as part of the process for discerning God's will.  This is, for instance, how the 11 faithful disciples decided between the two candidates to replace Judas. 

Have you ever cast lots/flip coins to make important decisions?  If so, do you readily accept the results, or do you perform the task multiple times?  Is there a difference between testing God and seeking God's will through tests?

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