Friday, March 14, 2008

The Joy of Being Found

For the past several weeks, my daughter has developed an interest in hide and go seek.  She hasn't figured out the seek part of the game and so she always hides.  This has the potential to be a scary game if one day we find ourselves unable to find her.  But for now, that isn't a concern.  She has a favorite spot.  In fact, she really has only one.  It is behind the curtains on the right side of the living room couch.  She will go hide, then my wife and I walk around the house looking for her--is she behind the couch?  No... Is she behind the TV?  No...  Is she under the blanket (but this time we get a little help--she says no right along with us) Hmm... I think I heard her.  We pull back the curtains, there she is; giggling non-stop.  Then she pulls the curtains back around her; again! again!  Is she behind the couch?...

It never gets old (for her).  It does seem odd that she hasn't figured out the part of the game where she tries to fool us by hiding somewhere else.  But of course she has the basics down.  In fact as much as the youth I work with love Sardines (a jazzed up version of hide and go seek) several kids are too good at hiding and end up never being found, the group gives up and the poor hider is left alone thinking that everyone is looking.  The point of hide and go seek, in the end, is for the seeker to win.  It is never much fun if the person hiding is never found.

I don't really get into all the cliche have you found Jesus/no, no, the question is has jesus found you...  All I know is all the fun is in the finding/being found; an not in the actual hiding or seeking.

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